Celebrate 2018, Prepare for 2019

December 25, 2018

What a year huh? It flew by so fast. As mindful I could have been, time seems to have a good way of slipping by you if you are not careful. Nevertheless, it was all worth it, right? I think it is a good reminder every now and then to reflect on what you have accomplished no matter how small it was. Also, reflect on who you have become and who you have chosen to let go of. We are always changing second by second even on the cellular level! There is always tomorrow to start over.

The question is which direction do you want to take your life?

Personally, I touched my last continent on planet Earth. Read about it here! More trips for 2019! Follow my Instagram! Tell me where do you want to travel to and why!

Professionally, I want to celebrate the fact that my book Thrive Medicine has celebrated its one-year anniversary and has sold in four countries thus far! It is now set to be released in Spanish in January 2019!

Lots of behind-the-scene work are underway for 2019 with @thechefdoc with weekly videos of inspiration plus more! Stay tuned!

Special thank you for all the interviews and collaborations this year and looking forward to much more next year including more culinary workshops and my work with Doctors on Social Media #SoMeDocs!I think Doctors on Social Media is a powerful movement that just started now with its live meet up right here in LA and NYC! Calling all MDs and DOs who want to elevate their voices on social media!

Tell me what do you want to create for 2019?

See ya next year!

Much Love,

- Zhu

Dr. Colin Zhu is a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and plant-based chef and is the author of the new book:Thrive Medicine: How to Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life, now on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.