Eat Merry, Be Joyful, but also Be Mindful of Your Health

December 4, 2017

Can you believe it is the last month of the year 2017? Golly, has it flown by! I had you have enjoyed it as much as I have. It has been almost twelve months since I had started TheChefDoc and I have received a lot of positive responses. There is still one surprise coming up so stay tuned!

Ever so often I like to round up some interesting articles and make comments on them because they are very noteworthy.


We as Americans waste up to 30% of food, sometimes more. This is a great article in terms of saving not just fresh produce, but also how to keep some of your food items lasting longer thereby saving you money. Take a look!


This is not a surprising piece on how it is super essential to incorporate more fresh food into our diets. Only 12.2% of US adults eat the recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables. Most of our “food” in the so-called Standard American Diet is made up of processed, refined food which is high in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Our daily intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals can definitely be improved. I always tell my patients to shop alongside the perimeter of the supermarket to find the freshest ingredients and to stay away from the middle aisles.


These new guidelines now are lowering the threshold for diagnosing hypertension. What this essentially means is more and more Americans are going to be diagnosed with these new guidelines. What that means for you is simply more consideration to Lifestyle Medicine.


I dare you to challenge your perceptions especially around the elderly. It is wrong to just think of them as inadequate or not capable to do things that their 60 years younger version can. These group of ladies definitely defy those odds. Always keep moving!

Enjoy your holidays this year and plan for next year to be even better!

Much Love,

- Zhu