Let’s Get Real, Let’s Get Cooking

June 27, 2018

Having lived in 8 different states and professionally worked in four, the same running theme remains in my office visits with patients. “Doctor, I just do not know what to eat anymore. What can I eat if everything is bad for me?”

I know my colleagues would agree that that question is not an easy puzzle to decipher. Most physicians would not know where to start. Most of us did not have enough nutritional classes if any in our medical curriculum. Personally, I remember 10 credit hours of nutrition, but it mostly was biochemistry.

Feeling frustrated and hungry for more knowledge, I attended and graduated from a plant-based and health-supportive culinary school called the Natural Gourmet Institute. From there, that led me to shadow the first medical office with a teaching kitchen at the time with the WellBeingMD himself, John Principe, MD. And from there several conferences ensued which led to being leading culinary medicine workshops at conferences. The point is culinary and lifestyle medicine is a burgeoning movement and there is no straight path. But it does start with not just a physician, but any healthcare professional who is willing to step into the kitchen and does what it takes to bring ‘health’ back to healthcare.

Below are some of the latest articles highlighting the intersection of doctors, medicine, culinary arts and food. Check out my story here. Enjoy.

18 Vegan Doctors that Drive the Plant-Based Movement

Following a plant-based diet can help prevent, treat, and even reverse most of today's chronic diseases. Luckily, we know of these powerful effects thanks to a handful of passionate and famous vegan doctors without whom this huge movement wouldn't have grown nearly as much as it already has.

Much love,

- Zhu

Dr. Colin Zhu is a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and plant-based chef and is the author of the new book: Thrive Medicine: How to Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life, now on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.