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“Walk with a Doc” Paiute Tribe Health and Human Services, Las Vegas, Nevada

“The best part would have to be the representation of medicine in a innovative/mainstream/impactful kind of way. Often when thinking about my future, I get hung up trying to place myself into the current framework of medicine. Your talk was a great view of paving your own way, combining talents, and still being a great doctor.” - Chynna D. Smith, OMS II, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

“I think it’s refreshing to see doctors in preventative medicine. I have a degree in Kinesiology and worked alongside many physical therapists for years before coming to medical school. Seems like that’s all that was preached - prevent, prevent, prevent. And while it’s important for us to learn pathology and how to treat things with medication, it’s like we’re learning how to be American doctors, not doctors to treat people wherever we go (I’m looking into travel medicine). I like lifestyle medicine because it feels like bringing other healthier cultures to our patients here. Just feels like the cheapest, cleanest, and simplest way to do things. If nothing else, your talk further enforced that people are receptive to lifestyle change if it means their QOL and life can be improved/extended, and it’s cool to see a DO do it.” - Jaime Freiburger, OMS II, OU-HCOM, Cleveland Class of 2021 President

“All the usual adjectives apply...smart, capable, knowledgable, etc... He's a fine clinician, practices good, evidence based medicine. But Colin stood out. There's something different about him. He's a pleasure to be with, warm, personable and energetic. His experience as a chef, world traveler, and his athletic and social skills render him quite the Renaissance man. He also showed fine leadership qualities during the time I worked with him at the IHS in Las Vegas. I would recommend him for a clinical or academic position anywhere in the world. I think he would fit just as easily in a Park Avenue high society practice as he did working with me at the IHS. In summary, he's a real mensch.” - Ed Shanik, MD Family Practice

"Working with Dr. Colin Zhu is an incredibly enriching experience. He actually takes the time to truly listen and develop a collaborative solution with his full energy and dedication. I've been fortunate to work with him for several years on mission-driven initiatives to advance Lifestyle Medicine and have personally been able to experience his genuine intention, thoughtful leadership, and engaging style. I look forward to each opportunity to work together as his unique ability to integrate this depth of commitment with understanding of context infuses the process with meaning and purpose. Dr. Zhu is an exceptional physician and I hope others will have the chance have this rewarding experience working together." - Ingrid Edshteyn, DO, MPH Founder, Valia Lifestyle

Colin Zhu is an inspiring doctor. He is a young visionary strongly grounded in medical tradition as well as keeping his eye looking to the future of medicine. He understands that health care must incorporate behavioral and lifestyle medicine, integrative and functional medicine, diet and nutrition. He is the type of doctor that I would be looking for and many people search for to look after their health. In addition, he is the type of doctor who truly practices what he preaches. Colin completed the 610 hour chef’s program at the accredited culinary school where I teach, and we have worked together at culinary events where the focus of the class was food and health. Colin was a pleasure and clearly in his element when talking about and teaching about health.
- Chef Richard LaMarita, www.naturalgourmetinstitute.com

“Having known Dr. Zhu for many years as a colleague, he is one of the most caring, passionate, and driven physicians I know. As a chef and physician, he provides optimal care utilizing lifestyle medicine, with special attention to diet. I would highly recommend him to my friends and/or family members and would be happy to call him my physician as well.” - Jon Bonnet, MD Sport Medicine Physician

“Dr. Zhu brings an open mind to patient care, willing to think outside of the box to improve the health of his patients. From food as medicine lectures to walks with the doc, he is always coming up with innovative ways to cultivate health. He is always in a positive mood and his energy is contagious! Dr. Zhu is a great listener and his patients feel heard. He takes time to research questions patients may have to provide educated answers. Even if he is busy, you never feel rushed with him.” - Ashley Burkman, ND Naturopathic Medicine

“Colin is warm, welcoming and always carries a smile with him at work. He is down to earth and easy to get along with. He loves his staff and loves his work. From what I can tell from patient feedback, they are very happy with him. Yes, I would specifically recommend patients to Colin regarding dietary modification and lifestyle changes.” - Farnoush Ghaderi, DO Family Practice