Time To Save The World

January 5, 2019

Welcome, 2019! Let us keep up the momentum for this year! For your New Year’s resolutions, is improving your health and losing weight part of it? If it is, I do want for you to consider one thing. As a planetary unit, we do have an impact on our environment. Whether we choose to believe this or not. It is challenging to ignore the facts right now. So, what I like to talk about is how we are influencing our environment and what to do about it:

According to The Guardian, decreasing and avoiding animal and dairy will be the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact. Find out how much damage livestock farming does to our planet here:

Did you know that livestock emissions contribute to 14% of all global emissions and animal production accounts for 29% of total agricultural water footprint? According to Greenpeace, we need to reduce our animal consumption and production by 50%. Find out here:

Interestingly enough, a plant-based diet that has the most impact on our chronic disease burden, has a positive impact on global warming and positive impact driving down the cost!

Going plant-based is no longer hip, trendy or a fad. It is grounded in science and it can literally save the world. What will you say to your children and grandchildren? What will you want to leave behind for them? Be their superhero. JUST TRY EATING MORE PLANTS! WHO IS WITH ME?!?

Much Love,

- Zhu

Dr. Colin Zhu is a board-certified family practice & lifestyle medicine physician and plant-based chef and is the author of the new book: Thrive Medicine: How to Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life, now on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.