Wanderlust as Medicine

July 31, 2017

What does travel mean to you? For some, it means staying at a resort, going to Disneyland, or simply a stay-cation. Okay, here is another question. How do you typically feel after your travels? Rested? Refreshed? Or maybe more stressed and anxious than when you first started?

If you are feeling the latter, then we need to examine what is happening that you are not getting what you NEED from traveling. At times, some even use vacation time as a break from work to DO MORE WORK!

Well for me, traveling means exploring. Exploring more about oneself because contrary to what you may think, there is always more to learn about yourself. Let’s take Iceland for example, the most recent country I have visited. Iceland is roughly the same size as the state of Virginia and a population of 320,000. However, it boasts a jaw-dropping landscape of natural beauty, including glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs and black sand beaches. The scarcity of people lessens the footprint to our land. Furthermore, from the lack of congestion, I was able to be immersed in its unparalleled environment. This allowed me to be reunited back to nature and regain a connection to the earth and be reminded that as powerful as humans are, we cannot progress without each other and without our motherland. The one that doesn't really have borders. In addition, one of the best parts is meeting strangers (yet to be friends) and reaffirming the fact that we are more connected than you think despite our different outward appearances and native tongues.

Did you know that traveling teaches you to:

  • observe and listen?
  • stay humble?
  • simply your life?

As part of my Youtube channel, I will soon give tips and reasons on why traveling is essential. This will be called Wanderlust as Medicine series. This is to explore why it is imperative for every one of us to wander and wonder. I believe this is vital to our mental and emotional health. I have also written about my past adventures in my new upcoming book: The Choice to Thrive.

Ready to get out there with me?

With love,

- Zhu