Why Discovering Yourself Next Is Paramount

May 1, 2018

I am reminded every day how grateful I am to counsel patients on the root causes of the chronic disease. How someone’s diabetes was not an overnight manifestation or how the excess amount of weight that an obese individual carries cannot entirely be eradicated with a surgical knife.

Furthermore, I am also very blessed to have certain family members in my life as part of my tribe that all contributed to my path thus far. Sometimes, when we go through our life experiences, we can take for granted of how we came to be at this very moment. Recently, I pitched this idea of co-coaching with a good friend of mine. He did not have any formal coaching experience but more effective anecdotal experience. The fact of the manner is, he was very good at what he does, but just needed some direction. In turn, he coached me on my current path. Yes, I also have coaches too. Even the great Tony Robbins has a coach for himself.

Here is what we came up with during one particular session:

  1. It is essential to discover your path now than later.
  2. There is a difference between selfish versus self-love.
  3. Saying NO to others is the same as saying YES to yourself.

Let’s break these down:

  • This was a simple point that I put out there for my friend. In ten years time from now, you look back, what would you regret not doing? This question puts things in perspective and helps you prioritize your day-to-day routines and why you do them.
  • Being selfish feeds your ego whereas self-love feeds your soul. Being selfish predominantly disregards others whereas self-love prioritizes yourself, so you can be more effective for others later on.
  • This is a challenging one because you may feel that saying NO to others is inherently rude or mean. However, I would argue that saying YES to others, especially frequently over time eventually will disempower you. Saying YES to yourself brings the power back to you, filling up your own gas tank so to speak.
Find what you meant to do right now. Your life literally depends on it and this is not an exaggeration. You cannot afford to waste another second.

Much love,

- Zhu

Dr. Colin Zhu is a board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and plant-based chef and is the author of the new book:Thrive Medicine: How to Cultivate Your Desires and Elevate Your Life,now on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.